Friday Streams -- May 19, 2017

This week's streams feature the return of a couple of our favorite artists.

New Releases
The Mountain Goats - Goth
John Darnielle & co. continue to craft some of the best records out there: heady, emotional, and revealing.

Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
DMST's newest since 2007's You, You're a History in Rust is just what post-rock kids need right now.

Dent May & Frankie Cosmos - Across the Multiverse
Because, you know what's bigger than a universe...

Off the Radar
Ray Charles - The Atlantic Studio Albums in Mono (Remastered)
The ultimate soundtrack to a BBQ. Impress your friends by reminding them who really wrote Kanye's best songs.

Friday Streams -- May 5, 2017

Mac DeMarco's This Old Dog is probably the most noteworthy release of this week, but it's pretty deep outside of that, too, with 3 gems from Latin American artists.

New Releases
Mac DeMarco - This Old Dog
DeMarco seems like a throwback in so many ways that's not just his style. And, boy, do we need irony and not really giving a shit these days.

Perfume Genius - No Shape
The follow-up to 2014's brilliant deconstructionist album, Too Bright, Perfume Genius's latest doesn't let down.

Natalia Lafourcade - Musas
Lafourcade does the great Latin American song book on this record whose gentle instrumentations allow her one-of-a-kind voice to take center stage.

Juana Molina - Halo
I can't help but think that when histories of music are written from this time, when we have the great explosion of women making experimental music like Juliana Barwick and Julia Holter that the great unsung hero will be Juana Molina. If you haven't heard her before, Halo is a great into to her trippy corpus.

Café Tacvba - Jei Beibi
Anti-neocolonial stalwarts Café Tacvba return with their first album in five years.

Black Lips - Satanic Graffiti or God's Art?
Atlanta's Black Lips go semi rock opera with this booming, anthemic record.

Pond - The Weather
The synth is strong with Pond's newest. This Perth, Australia group has been one of my secret loves since I heard their album, with the greatest album title of all time: Beards, Wives, Denim.

Off the Radar
Pond - Beards, Wives, Denim
Because it is the greatest album title of all time.

Friday Streams -- April 21, 2017

After a hiatus last week, Friday Streams is back. And before you go wondering where were we to join in the nearly universal call to go listen to DAMN., let me just say that we got to check out The Magnetic Fields' 50 Song Memoir, which is a treat and unique experience. Should they be coming to your neck of the woods, check it out.

New Releases
A consistently rewarding group, Woods has long been one of our faves here for their mix of psych and folk.

Dilla died in 2006, but his posthumous output has been substantial. Motor City is a beat tape featuring two other legends, Busta Rhymes & Q-Tip.

Another fave of the blog is TJO, whose ethereal compositions, laid the groundwork for the recent successes of artists like Julia Holter and Grouper.

Adrian Younge - Something About April II
Younge was made famous for his work with Ghostface Killah and when he's not composing films, or creating albums, he's working as an entertainment law professor. This is the sequel to Something About April. Both records are beautiful throwbacks to 70s R&B with lush orchestration and incredible vocalists. Something About April II features, for example, Laetitia Sadier of Stereolab. 

Friday Streams -- April 7,2017

It's a big release day--2 highly anticipated artists drop new records and my favorite opening lyric of the year so far.

New Releases

Father John Misty - Pure Comedy
Is anyone trying to make more erudite, intellectual music these days than Father John Misty? Also, I will listen to anything produced by Jonathan Wilson.

New Pornographers - Whiteout Conditions
The greatest working supergroup keeps working.

Timbre Timbre - Sincerely, Future Pollution
Creep on creepin' on.

Diet Cig - Swear I'm Good at This
Just listen to that first lyric and try not to listen to the rest.


Pink Nasty - "Burn" (Usher)
No other reason than this track was in my head all day yesterday, which made that a pretty damn good day.

Friday Streams -- March 31, 2017

It's a slower release week, but there are a couple worthwhile check outs. Enjoy!

New Releases

I dare you 2017. Find better cover art than that (above).

Recorded live at RAK studios, London, In the Same Room is a studio-recorded live album featuring some new renditions of Holter's lush songs.


On this rainy day, there's little better music than the intelligent pickings and harmonies of these two gems.

Off the Radar

Because some times, you need some affirmation and just fucking dance.

Friday Streams -- March 24, 2017

This week's streams feature 2 records dealing with life-changing events and new beats from Madlib.

New Releases

After the untimely passing of Geneviève Castrée, Phil Elverum returned to the room where Geneviève, his wife, had passed and began to record. A Crow Looked at Me is the result of this labor.

Before the release of Portland band Braveyoung's second record, founding member Isaac Young was seriously wounded in a motorcycle accident. He's since recovered and the band is releasing their first record since 2011's We are Lonely Animals.

Who can say no to 18 new tracks of Madlib beats?


I used to think that "Creep Folk" was the appropriate term for Timbre Timbre, then I clicked on this track and heard the synth.

Off the radar

In prep for Café Tacvba's first record since 2012, take a little ride back to 2001 with Tiempo transcurrido. It's a collection of tracks from the band's work prior to 2001 and features the only official releases of "La locomotura," "Dos niños," and "La muerte chiquita." Tracks from what would become the band's abandoned second album.